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We are all struggling with similar issues. We are attempting to break free of negative conditioning passed onto us by our families and culture, while attempting to preserve our energy and health in a society and culture that tends to encourage the opposite. Another component of this work is understanding your use of energy and finding ways to conserve it and protect it, while wasting less of it on worry, anxiety, stress, and panic. Are we coming home at the end of day and moving our energy by engaging in meaningful activities that help us digest the energy from the day? If we don’t move our energy, we feel stuck and stagnant.

We are not only our worst enemy, we are our only enemy. We need to find ways to be kinder and gentler with ourselves. Find ways to be compassionate and supportive with ourselves. When we do this we not only help ourselves, we help everyone around us. The first step is identifying the ways in which we punish ourselves unnecessarily with guilt, shame and self-judgement. Once we get clear on when and why we punish ourselves, we have an opportunity to hold back from that and make a different choice. Finding more space within ourselves to make new choices is what this work is all about.

Why Coaching vs. THerapy

Let me start this section with some facts about my professional background and my trainings.  I have over 10 years experiences as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.  I have worked in a variety of setting with everyone from small children to older adults.   Therapists often speak in terms of clinical lenses and techniques like CBT and DBT and Trauma Informed Psychotherapy.  Therapy is defined as treatment; the treatment of a mental illness.  I found myself consistently frustrated within this prescribed framework. 

The profession of coaching is often misunderstood and it brings forth a certain connotation.  Perhaps of someone hyper focused on goals, blowing a whistle and shouting encouragement in your general direction.  This is not the case.  Coaches help people in similar ways, however they focus on understanding unhealthy patterns in mind, body and spirit in order to create new move effective patterns.  After learning about the container of coaching, I realized I was already aligned with this conception and had already supporting people to make impactful measurable change in their lives. 

In my own journey, I have utilized seated and moving meditation as a way to observe the mechanisms of my internal world and to learn to be less reactive to the composition of emotions, thoughts and feelings within myself. I use this practice in my work with others by providing a process of collaborative insight development and reflection. We want to understand the causality of thoughts and emotions. By developing awareness in a therapeutic dyad, we shed light on the darkest parts of ourselves and begin to change the patterns and stop with spinning.

The Benefits

((These are a few of the things that I often help clients with))

  • Help to move beyond limited self-image and mitigating thoughts.

  • Help to understand the causality of your internal world by mapping thought-emotion-behavior patterns.

  • Find purpose is a seemingly purposeless world.

  • Gain competency over your fears and practicing moving beyond them.

  • Improve interpersonal communication.

  • Reconnect with your authentic sense of self and LEARNING to express it .

  • Learn to expressing your true self and realizing one of life’s supreme joys.

  • Learn to move beyond your idea about what others think about you.

  • Understand co-dependence and work on developing individual sense of self.

  • Improve relationships through understanding expectations and developing boundaries

  • Develop an assertive communication style vs. an avoidant or aggressive

IndividuaL WOrk

Here, loving presence inevitably supports cultivating awareness, working through your heart, gut, higher guidance system/intuition and within mindfulness.

We practice being in a state of mindfulness. We work together, and I will help reflect and guide as you shift your current paradigm to make way for you to be in your full expression. Fully and lovingly, embracing and exploring, the feelings, thoughts, emotions, somatic resonance, dilemmas and choices facing you.

We go deep in order to find your core imprint. Within those beliefs there's deeper truth, helping you to gain clarity and direction.

We experiment with viewpoints and find inspired action. We can create pathways and a detailed plan to get you on your way of living an un-compromised life of freedom. You discover creative resolutions, Stepping into what unconditional love feels like, liberating you, motivating you, inspiring you and our world.

  • Depression is a dynamic and changing condition that overlaps with anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, and other challenges, affecting both mind and body.

  •  Understand how body awareness holds a vital key to healing.

  •  Harness creativity,  a natural medicine.

  •  Realize the priority of your states of being and how they inform you of the values  you have in place.

  •  Learn tools to help you mindfully process and work with intuitive and synchronistic information you receive.

  •  Step into vulnerable openness forgiveness and acceptance. Choose to live in trust.

  • Realize that fear is always available to inform us of all our perceived limitations.

Family & Couples Work

In my years of practice, I have worked to understand the individual as a circuit of energy. By understanding the flow of thoughts, emotions and behaviors, both internally and externally, we can find ways to repurpose and move that energy into a new flow and a new balance. In couples or in groups, energy flows in a similar fashion. We must seek to understand the patterns that govern relationships, as we learn to put down our expectations. Expectations never get met; they never have and they never will. Moving through relationships with intention and limiting our reactions. to others can help reduce anger, resentment and sadness. We must see through the eyes of our loved ones and find ways to compromise. Together, we can quickly identify the deleterious communication patterns and restructuring them.